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DL-4ETS Blu-Ray 4x BD-ROM Slot-in 8X DVD CD RW Burner SATA

DL-4ETS Blu-Ray 4x BD-ROM Slot-in 8X DVD CD RW Burner SATA
Condition: New Brand
Buffer Size: 2 MB
Height: 12.7mm (does not fit 9.5mm drive) 12.8mm x 12.7mm x 12.9mm
Interface: SATA
Disk Load: Slot loading

Note:This drive comes with eject button and faceplate
Manufactorer part number: DL-4ETS
Blu-ray Player only, Does NOT burn Blu-Ray discs.

can replace DL-8ATS,UJ-875A,AD-7640S,GA11N,GA31N,fits for Apple and DELL laptop with SATA Slot Load drive

4X BD-ROM SL Reading
4X BD-R SL Reading
2X BD-ROM DL Reading
2X BD-R DL Reading
2X BD-RE DL Reading
Write BD-R N/A
Write BD-RE N/A
Read Max. 24X
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) Max. 24X
Write CD-R Max. 24X
Write CD-RW Max. 24X
Read (Single Layer / Dual or Double Layer) Max. 8X/6X (DVD-RAM 5X)
Write DVD+/-R Max. 8X
Write DVD+R/-R Double Layer Max. 4X/4X
Write DVD+RW Max. 6X
Write DVD-RW Max. 6X

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