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MSI K8D Master3-133-FA4R AMD Opteron 940 Motherboard

• Supports dual AMD Opteron™ 200 and Single Opteron™ 100 family processors
• Supports up to AMD Opteron DP 275
• Supports Opteron EE/HE series CPU
• AMD x86-64 Technology
• Supports ECC/Registered memory

AMD-8131 Chipset
• HyperTransport™ technology tunnel with side A (16bits) and side B (8 bits)
• Each side supports transfer rate of 1600, 1200, 800, 400 megatransfer per second
• Two PCI-X bridges: bridge A and bridge B (64-bit data bus)
• 133/100/66 MHz in PCI-X mode and 66/33 MHz in PCI mode

AMD-8111 Chipset
• HyperTransport™ I/O Hub (supports up to 800 MB/s with 200 MHz clock)
• A 33MHz/32-bit PCI 2.2 compliant bus interface supports up to eight external devices
• IO APCI controller
• USB 1.1 hosts supporting six ports

Main Memory
• Supports 12 DIMM sockets Single/Dual channel DDR 400/333/266 memory
• Supports Memory up to 24G (128Mbx16 DRAMs) to 2 Gbyte(1Gvx4 DRAMs)
• Supports interleaving memory within DIMMs
• Chip Kill ECC allows continuous correction of 4-bit errors in a failed x4 memory device

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